Beard and Shaving Services

TMC offers beard trimming and shaping services. Beard upkeep requires a lot of time and effort, therefore TMC provides professional care and assistance with grooming and maintaining your beard, along the growing process. Beard trimming also helps to promote healthy, thick growth.

TMC also provides clipper shaves and luxury razor shaves (straight razor, cream, and warm towels). Treat yourself to the relaxing experience of a straight razor shave. For luxury treatment, there are many benefits of a straight razor shave that you will come to enjoy. This type of shave is relaxing, and will provide you with a closer shave than you can get at home! The hot towel applied before the shave will soften the hairs and open up pores to expose more of the hair to get the closest shave possible.

Hair Dye/Gray Coverage

TMC is proud to present hair dye services to our gray haired clients.   Gentlemen who prefer to conceal their gray, TMC offers hair dye services that targets 100% of your gray for a natural look.  There are several color options available, to ensure each client receives a look that best compliments his individual features.

TMC has revolutionized the uses of hair dye for men.  When customizing your haircut, TMC is able to utilize hair dye to accentuate your beard, mustache, goatee, and various aspects of your haircut, without compromising a natural look.  If your haircut is not customized, it’s not “Taylor Made”

Shampoo and Conditioner

All clients at Taylor Made cuts will receive a shampoo and conditioner, prior to having any hair care services provided. The clients hair and scalp will have opportunity to be observed for any skin disorders or foreign debris, as well as removing any product oil that may be present. The shampoo and conditioner is also suppose to provide the client with a relaxing experience.

Hair Cuts

TMC provides clean, professional, hair cuts! A hair cut is not “just a hair cut”. A hair cut at TMC is a personal ritual between you and your barber, Rick Taylor. At TMC, we personalize your hair care experience and give attention to the finest details.